Consulting to franchisees, groups of franchisees, or associations

  • leadership skills
  • organizational matters
  • strategy sessions
  • crisis management
  • engaging franchisees in advocacy (local, state, national)
    • issue identification and education
    • organizing meetings with legislators
    • participating in the legislative process

Assist and lead franchisees with lobbying efforts on issues that impact franchisees.

  • franchise specific legislation
  • regulatory issues that impact franchisee businesses.

Speaking engagements to franchisee boards or franchisee meetings

  • inspire franchisee engagement in the association
  • how to positively impact change

I advance franchisee issues and causes and will unequivocally state that I am not what most people call a “franchise consultant”. In most cases, the job of these “consultants” is to sell franchises, to which they receive compensation from the franchisor, while claiming to represent the prospective franchisee. I am not involved with the selling of franchises.