Keith Miller founded Franchisee Advocacy Consulting to fill a void.  Franchise owners, as a class, are the largest investors in the franchise industry.  However, franchisees also have the weakest voice with legislators, regulators, and leaders in the franchise industry.  This gap, of investor size versus voice, means franchisees have little leverage over how policies directly impact the businesses they have invested in, especially policies that are unique to the franchise industry.  Like it or not, special interest groups rule the political landscape.  Franchisee Advocacy Consulting will assist franchisees, franchisee groups, and franchisee associations to better engage franchisees in gaining a stronger voice and become a special interest group to be reckoned with.  Franchisee Advocacy Consulting only represents franchise owners, working towards their goals.  We will not be conflicted by representing other interest groups or claiming we can equally represent all stakeholders in the franchise industry, because we know that is not possible.

Contact us to see how we can help you, or your organization.  We are available to speak to your organizations and work with them toward their goals.  As our slogan states, we are all about “advancing franchisee causes through engagement and advocacy”.

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