Franchise owners, as a class, are the largest investors in the franchise industry.  However, franchisees also have the weakest voice with legislators, regulators, and leaders in the industry.

The goal of Franchisee Advocacy Consulting is to assist franchisees, franchisee groups, and franchisee associations to better engage franchisees in gaining a stronger voice and become a special interest group to be reckoned with.

Franchisee Advocacy Consulting is focused on assisting franchisees only towards their goals and will not be conflicted by representing other interest groups.

What are governmental leaders saying about Keith Miller:

Keith, I really want to thank you for educating so many policy makers and connecting us with so many people who are actually experiencing this on the front line. (Federal Trade Commission Commissioner Rohit Chopra on June 24, 2021)

I want to take a second to thank and recognize Keith Miller, a Subway franchisee from California, who has been a tireless advocate for franchisees, and who actually brought all of this to the attention of my Chief of Staff and the top staff for my subcommittee. (Rep. Jan Schakowsky (IL-9), Chair of the Consumer Protection Subcommittee in the House Energy and Commerce Committee, on June 25, 2021)

See Keith Miller’s testimony in the United States Senate here.


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