Franchise owners, as a class, are the largest investors in the franchise industry.  However, franchisees also have the weakest voice with legislators, regulators, and leaders in the industry.

The goal of Franchisee Advocacy Consulting is to assist franchisees, franchisee groups, and franchisee associations to better engage franchisees in gaining a stronger voice and become a special interest group to be reckoned with.

Franchisee Advocacy Consulting is focused on assisting franchisees only towards their goals and will not be conflicted by representing other interest groups.

See Keith Miller’s testimony in the United States Senate here.

See Keith Miller’s testimony in the Oregon Capitol here, starting at 6:00.

Keith Miller Testifies in Oregon, House Interim Committee On Business and Labor

On November 18, 2019, Keith Miller testified at an information hearing at the Oregon Capitol on the franchise industry, held
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AAFD Names Keith Miller as Director of Public Affairs and Engagement

Written by: AAFD OCT 1, 2019: SAN DIEGO, CA – The American Association of Franchisees and Dealers (AAFD) has announced the
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2019 Dickey’s BBQ Update

Despite Churn, Franchises Continue to Sell   Written by Keith R. Miller Once again, I am reporting on the very high churn rate
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Burgerim or Bust

Bust Say Many Franchisees   Over the past few years, Burgerim is one of the top franchise performers in growth, units opened,
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Senator Cortez Masto Introduces SBA Franchise Loan Transparency Act

Today, July 31, 2019, Senator Cortez Masto (NV) introduced S.2383, The Small Business Administration Franchise Loan Transparency Act of 2019. 
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