Franchise owners, as a class, are the largest investors in the franchise industry.  However, franchisees also have the weakest voice with legislators, regulators, and leaders in the industry.

The goal of Franchisee Advocacy Consulting is to assist franchisees, franchisee groups, and franchisee associations to better engage franchisees in gaining a stronger voice and become a special interest group to be reckoned with.

Franchisee Advocacy Consulting is focused on assisting franchisees only towards their goals and will not be conflicted by representing other interest groups.

Can Dickey’s BBQ Franchise Owners Survive? Franchisees Claim They Received Misleading Numbers

Franchise owners of Dickey’s BBQ are closing at an alarming rate. Why is this, and can a franchise owner
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Is Dickey’s BBQ Franchising’s Next Quizno’s? 28% Systemwide Churn

It’s not easy to forget the Quizno’s saga.  Once one of the darlings of the franchise industry, growing through franchising
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NLRB Rejects McDonald’s Settlement Deal in Joint Employer Case

Nice article by Janet Sparks. See my quote at the end of the article. Blue MauMau - by Janet Sparks, August
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Senator John McCain, Rest in Peace

I have just learned of and am deeply saddened by Senator John McCain’s passing. I have had the honor of
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Franchisees, Is Your Operations Manual Changing Your Franchise Agreement?

As franchise owners, we all sign franchise agreements that set the terms and conditions of our business, and the relationship
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